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Some organizations will use a transformation to address obvious weaknesses, or position themselves to be competitive in the future. Others use transformation to help them progress from good to great. We are experts in helping organizations create profound improvements...


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Consulting Solutions By Capability

Operational Transformation

Are you surviving or thriving in today’s business environment?

L2P provides on-site coaching, improves processes, strengthens collaboration between teams and develops a high-performance culture.

Transforming operations is a daunting task. L2P knows how the pieces fit together and we accelerate the process. Today’s challenging business environment requires a new operating model, new ways of working, increased business acumen, better collaboration, and leaders who are capable of leading change. Our operations consulting services can help get you there.


  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased throughput and revenue
  • Improved reliability and integrity
  • Improved operating model
  • Successful Merger & Acquisition integration
  • Shift to a more collaborative, innovative and high-performance culture
  • Improved leadership capabilities and business acumen

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Digital Transformation

You have invested in advanced technology - have your people bought-in and are they using it effectively?

Working with your executive team, L2P can help you create and implement a digital strategy. 

We work with the people who use the technology and digital solutions to design the new ways of working, create efficient processes, and define the new roles and responsibilities to ensure the benefits afforded by the digital solution will be fully realized. Leveraging our change management expertise, we collaborate with you and your digital solution provider to support a successful implementation.


  • Expected benefits of the digital solution are being realized
  • A well-defined digitalization strategy, and leadership alignment on an implementation plan
  • New ways of working have been designed and implemented
  • People are bought-in and understand how to get the most from the digital solution
  • Improved leadership capabilities and business acumen

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Facilitation & Alignment

Can you lead the workshop, participate and create alignment on critical issues?

Well-facilitated team meetings improve collaboration, generate effective dialogue and deliver better results.

Having an expert facilitator creates a safe environment allowing diverse groups to identify root causes of issues and create alignment on optimal solutions. Effective third-party facilitation removes issues with hierarchy and allows all personality types to actively participate.


  • Consensus on the best way forward
  • Improved collaboration and team dynamics
  • Powerful problem-solving by tackling root causes, not just symptoms
  • Effective idea generation and decision-making

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Business Assessment

Do you have clarity on what is going on in your organization?

An external perspective assessing business performance can provide you with an unbiased view of your business’s biggest opportunities.

L2P’s business performance assessments remove the filter to provide a transparent view of the current state of your organization. Included in the assessment are L2P observations and recommendations that are based on our wide-ranging industry experience. We help your leadership team align on what is most important to the business.


  • An unfiltered view of the organization’s current state, gaps, and opportunities
  • Identification of impactful opportunities to pursue and the ‘size of the prize’
  • Roadmap for tackling your opportunities
  • A comprehensive report out and leadership alignment session

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Performance Management

Are your employees fully engaged in the business and focused on the right things?

Top quartile organizations operationalize their strategies by aligning people on the activities and behaviors that have the greatest impact on results.

L2P helps your team create a plan and a visual management system that focusses on the 20% that will deliver 80% of the value. We help establish the appropriate cadence for reviewing progress, and we coach your leaders to identify, recognize and reinforce critical behaviors.


  • An understanding of the critical activities and behaviours that will deliver results
  • Teams owning their performance with clear accountability on what is to be delivered at every level
  • Visual scoreboard for monitoring and managing performance
  • Shifting from activity based to performance-based conversations
  • Leaders have the tools to effectively reinforce the behaviours that deliver results

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Leadership Development

How well do your leaders engage their teams and hold people accountable to deliver results?

With the departure of experienced leaders from the workforce, the accelerated pace of change and increasing expectations being placed on our leaders - leadership development is becoming more crucial.

Unlike conventional training programs, L2P uses a highly effective facilitative approach to leadership development, engaging your teams in working real life business issues/opportunities. Our programs are customized for each client including executive coaching and leadership coaching at all levels.


  • Better business results
  • Improved leadership skills and business acumen
  • Enhanced levels of employee engagement
  • An organization more capable of tackling future opportunities and challenges
  • Successful internal succession
  • A strategic thought partner to support leaders
  • Broader lens and awareness

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Process Improvement

How much are inefficient processes costing you?

Your people know the answer. We engage them in creating efficient processes that reduce cost, remove waste, improve cycle time and eliminate frustration.


  • Alignment on how the process should optimally be performed
  • Improved cycle times and eliminated waste
  • Reduced frustration
  • KPIs to measure process performance and continually improve
  • Clearly documented processes defining inputs, outputs, key handovers, roles and expectation

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Strategic & Annual Planning

How do you get everyone aligned on the right priorities?

An effective strategic plan provides clear focus and direction. It is a practical framework for guiding actions and making important business decisions – including what you will NOT do.

An annual plan defines priorities, creates alignment and provides clear expectations and accountabilities. L2P supports strategic and annual planning from the boardroom to the frontline helping you ensure corporate objectives are clear and your people are engaged and accountable.


  • Alignment on business priorities
  • Cascading plans to the team level that support corporate priorities
  • People have a strong sense of ownership, with clarity on expectations and accountabilities
  • Time and resources are focused on the most impactful activities, avoiding initiative overload
  • Improved leadership capabilities and business acumen
  • Well-positioned to adapt quickly to changes in the business environment

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