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Our team blends senior executives, former consultants and procurement experts. We tune to your wavelength and add value at all steps of the Sourcing process.


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Problems we solve

Reducing consulting costs

Most companies don’t know how much they are spending on consulting (hint : on average 1% of sales). And when they do gather the information they immediately decide it is too much. Hard to argue one way or another as nobody knows what was the return on investment either.

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Aligning spend and strategy

One of the key issues companies face is to make sure that value created through consulting supports their strategic agenda. Indeed as budgets are decentralized we observe a lot of disconnect, especially in the tail of the spend. Demand management reached the IT shores but is still at sea for consulting.

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Finding the right consultants

Some companies work exclusively with large consulting firms, some will prefer to work on all topics with the same familiar faces. How do clients know those firms have the right competencies at the right price ? Today we have mapped more then 4000 consulting firms across the globe. Alas, when asking clients to name consulting firms they rarely can name more then 10. Make the test.

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Managing the sourcing process

A very little portion of companies are using systematics competitions, let alone using NDAs. The sourcing process is not customized for consulting. The value battle is won or lost between scoping and selection.

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Leveraging digital

Digital applications start to penetrate the procurement landscape. From new systems and processes to digitally enabled platforms options exist. But when consulting is mixed with other indirect expenses, it becomes very difficult. 

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Managing the category

Today most of the focus is on achieving savings at project level. Savings come first, value creation second. This creates a disconnect between procurement and operational teams. In the same way the performance and ROI on projects are not measured on a regular basis.

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Consulting Solutions By Capability


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Optimization of the ROI of consulting spends

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Professionalization of Procurement

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Digitalization of Procurement

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Outsourcing on Demand !

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Digital Solutions By Capability


Even though consulting spend can reach up to 3% of turnover, Consulting remains a very niche category.

Most companies or business units are unlikely to have the critical size to employ an expert in consulting sourcing. And even if they do have someone, the volume of activity usually prevents them from developing expertise in all capabilities.

This creates an asymmetry between buyers and sellers. Similar to buying a new car. Buying consulting services is a rare occurrence for the client and a full-time job for the provider.

As a result, consulting users tend to rely on the few consulting firms they know, which opens the door for higher fees or, even worse, using the wrong consulting firms on their projects and therefore missing out on their objectives.

The Consulting Procurement As A Service model can allow companies to strengthen their teams by giving them access to a group of specialists with databases, systems, and processes specific to the category.

In a Star Wars analogy: They can bring balance to the force.

How We Help

·     Project Scoping

·     NDAs signature

·     Pitch Organization

·     Debriefing with non selected consultants

·     RFI / RFP Preparation

·     Consultants Briefing

·     Proposals Scoring

·     Project Follow-up

·     Consultants Identification

·     Q&A Management

·     Costs Analysis

·     Project Performance Assessment

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Consulting Sourcing Made Easy

As companies focus on core we observe a growing number of procurement spend categories. Progress has been made in IT, Legal and Marketing but there is one category of professional service that still makes you wonder : management consulting.

Management consulting is a category extremely difficult to address with one size fits all procurement solutions. It requires a more customized approach for at least several steps of the consulting procurement process.

Over the years we have been developing our own customized solutions to support our consulting sourcing activities.

We thought it was time to bring them all under one unified platform and to offer this new platform to the businesses eager to professionally manage their consulting category.

The End to End Consulting Digital Procurement Software

Everything you need to optimize your consulting spend in one place. Best in class platform designed by consulting procurement experts for consulting procurement professionals.

Equip your procurement teams with state of the art capabilities to Scope Requirement, Find Consultants, Negotiate contracts and gain visibility to Reduce Costs and more importantly add More Value.

Take the consulting procurement from a traditional cost center to a strategic value creation lever by optimizing the E2E process with a category specific expertise. Consource can help you every step of the way.

The Benefits

Faster Sourcing

Streamline your processes. Thanks to an intelligent and intuitive interface do everything faster and better. Let us take handle the heavy lifting and focus on what matters.

Reduced Risks

Select consultants you can trust, Check their expertise, thought leadership and ratings from former clients. Involve key stakeholders in the decisions for a transparent data driven decision making.

Increased Collaboration

Collaborate in real time. Engage internal team members. Exchange with consulting firms. Get access to insights from our community of users. All this is a secure environment.

Higher Value

Find the right consulting firms to maximize the impact. Reduce costs by creating relevant competitions. Maximize your return on investment and value creation.

Key Features

·     Modular Approach

·     Intuitive Interface

·     Premium Support

·     Multilingual

·     Security & Compliance

·     Fast set-up

·     Community Insights

·     Self Service Portals

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Often managed as part of the indirect category, Consulting is one of the most strategic yet under-optimized categories.

Consulting spend can represent up to 1% of turnover and our experience shows that companies equipped with a best in class consulting sourcing capability could reduce their cost base by an average of 20%. This could represent 0.2% of turnover, do the math and you will see what this could mean for you.

Besides helping them with their sourcing endeavors, we help companies to improve their consulting procurement. Working closely with your teams we identify and realize savings and build the foundations to sustain the performance over time.

The road to consulting procurement excellence.

How we can help you to Optimize Your Consulting Spend ?

·     Spend on the Right Priorities

·     Unlock Substantial Savings

·     Increase Return / Investment

·     Make it Sustainable

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