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Guidehouse is a leading global provider of consulting services to the public and commercial markets with broad capabilities in management, technology, and risk consulting. We help clients address their toughest challenges and navigate significant regulatory pressures.


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Canada, United States Of America, India, France, Germany, Lithuania, United Arab Emirates, China, United Kingdom, South Korea, South Africa, Netherlands, Afghanistan, Bangladesh

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About Us

About the company

Guidehouse is a leading global provider of consulting services to the public sector and commercial markets, with broad capabilities in management, technology, and risk consulting. By combining our public and private sector expertise, we help clients address their most complex challenges and navigate significant regulatory pressures focusing on transformational change, business resiliency, and technology-driven innovation. Across a range of advisory, consulting, outsourcing, and digital services, we create scalable, innovative solutions that help our clients outwit complexity and position them for future growth and success. The company has more than 12,000 professionals in over 50 locations globally. Guidehouse is a Veritas Capital portfolio company, led by seasoned professionals with proven and diverse expertise in traditional and emerging technologies, markets, and agenda-setting issues driving national and global economies.

Who we are

We're a new kind of consultancy, combining the best in commercial and public sector expertise to outmaneuver today's most difficult challenges.

What we do

Complexity demands a trusted guide with the unique expertise and cross-sector versatility to deliver unwavering success. We work with organizations across regulated commercial and public sectors to catalyze transformation and pioneer new directions for the future.

Our Purpose

We’re purpose built to help clients meet complex challenges across sectors, industries and geographies with an integrated model that breaks down silos between commercial and public sectors to maximize efficiency.

Here, consultants work with clients to ‘imagine’ a new future, team across our digital and technology services to ‘build’ new resilient solutions, and then often ‘operate’ programs for our clients to ensure sustained value.

At Guidehouse, we’re united by a shared commitment to purposeful impact. And, our approach is rooted in an innovation-first mindset that ensures lasting change.

Our Values

Guidehouse believes that complexity is an opportunity. To take a different path forward. To embrace new perspectives. And make a lasting impact for good.


With our 2020 commitment to Science Based Targets, Guidehouse joined other leading companies that agreed to set emissions reduction targets in line with climate science. Due to several acquisitions which prevented our ability to submit targets to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), we aim to submit our targets this year.

During its formation, Guidehouse was instrumental in developing the Sectoral Decarbonization Approach for the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and served as a member of its Technical Advisory Group. We also joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, implemented a hybrid work model for our global Consulting and Digital Service lines, committed to reducing our corporate real estate, transformed our office space into collaboration centers, implemented collaborative technologies to reduce air travel, and purchased 100% renewable energy credits for our offices around the world.

We are actively working with our clients, governments, and other entities to promote solutions toward long-term environmental sustainability. Our energy consultants collaborate with utilities and energy companies, investors and large corporations, governments, and NGOs to help them thrive in the rapidly changing energy environment and on the journey to a decarbonized economy.

Our Focus



We are committed to a 100% renewable energy goal and to that end, we purchase renewable energy (RECs, GoOs, i-RECs) to offset 100% of the impact of our global electricity use (scope 2 emissions). On top of purchasing renewable energy we will reduce the energy use by implementing energy efficiency measures (scope 1 emissions).

A big part of our scope 3 emissions relates to business travel and accommodations for our consultants globally. We promote teleconferences and public transport to reduce the climate impact associated with business travel. We also purchase high quality certified carbon offsets (Gold Standard) to offset business travel in some instances. We aspire to set a target to cut or offset emissions from our use of commercial air flights. In addition, Green Teams promote climate reduction activities in our major offices.


Greenhouse Gas Footprint

Guidehouse’s carbon footprint has been developed in line with the requirements provided in the relevant standards of the GHG Protocol; namely, the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and the GHG Protocol Corporate Value Chain Accounting and Reporting Standard. In estimating our GHG footprint, we have included all offices, business travel and purchased goods in our assessment of environmental emissions, energy, water-use, and waste.



Reducing waste is important to Guidehouse and to our employees. The company has Green Teams across our offices which are implementing waste reducing measures on a local level. Measures currently include: 


  • Purchasing office products (furniture) which can be recycled
  • Ensuring all offices have separate recycling and waste bins
  • Training of employees on usage of recycling and waste bins
  • Introducing re-useable water bottles, coffee cups, and silverware to replace single use kitchenware



Guidehouse conducted a water risk assessment using the World Resource Institute (WRI) Aqueduct tool to make a high-level risk assessment of all our offices. An office was considered water-stressed if it was in a location categorized as high risk in the overall current water risk assessment of the Aqueduct tool. Guidehouse is using this assessment to apply water reduction measures in our offices with special attention to those offices in water stressed areas as noted below, such as low-flow toilets and water saving measures relating to kitchen devices.