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Inetum is an agile IT services company that provides digital services and solutions.


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Belgium, France, Ivory Coast, Luxembourg, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland

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About Us

About the company

Inetum is an agile IT services company that provides digital services and solutions, and a global group that helps companies and institutions to get the most out of digital flow. In a context of perpetual movement, where needs and usages are constantly being reinvented, the Inetum group is committed towards all these players to innovate, continue to adapt, and stay ahead. With its multi-expert profile, Inetum offers its clients a unique combination of proximity, a sectoral organisation, and solutions of industrial quality. Operating in more than 27 countries, the Group has nearly 27,000 employees and in 2021 generated revenues of €2.2 billion.

What we do

We have entered the post digital transformation era.

An era in which needs and usages are continuously reinvented, and whose solutions do not yet exist.

In this constantly changing world, the challenge of companies and organizations is to adapt to the permanent digital flow that generates new economic, managerial and social opportunities.


We believe that this digital flow should serve the performance and the positive impact of companies, organizations and institutions on women, men, and society as a whole.

That’s why our talents are here, to enable the perpetual renewal of companies by designing digital strategies that meet their business challenges. Starting from hands-on experience and usages, they co-build concrete, agile solutions and integrate them in the unique ecosystem of each client.

A pioneer in the business, we have grown while staying true to the entrepreneurial culture and bold spirit of our beginnings. Our mission is to help you get the most out of this digital flow. We’re ready.

Together, we’ll shape this new digital world into a world of success and engagement for your company.

Our Conviction

Based on your values, apply action principles that give rise to a shared, living culture.


Our principles of action


  • SOLIDARITY: We have a united entrepreneurial spirit. 
  • AMBITION: Our local power fosters our global success.
  • EXCELLENCE: Our culture of excellence is a product of our daring.
  • ENGAGEMENT: We grow but stay close to our clients and our teams.
  • INNOVATION: We are constantly co-inventing the technology based business of our customers.

Why working with us

Our solutions portfolio is made from a well-balanced combination of the best-in-class 3rd party enterprise (corporate) and sector-specific solutions and proprietary IPs in selected niches: in vertical sectors like Public Sector, Insurance, or Healthcare but also in cross domains like Time & Activity or Document Management, among others.

Our services portfolio comprises a wide-coverage end-to-end service set extending from personalized consulting to industrialized full-outsourcing services, solutions integration and development, combining innovation-based differentiation with automation-based efficiency. We support the services portfolio in a flexible and collaborative operating model (near-shore / off-shore / street-shore) and a global delivery model through our 21 services centers worldwide.

This new value proposition has been carefully designed to quickly deliver tangible and sustainable business value to our clients, backed on premises of customer/employee experience maximization but also time-to-market, agility & productivity, data value, security and compliance optimization.


Commit collectively, progress sustainably. Between economic challenges and profound changes in society, Inetum wants to help build a sustainable world.

Because the financial performance of a company today goes hand in hand with its social, societal and environmental actions, Inetum has been committed for several years to a proactive Corporate Social Responsibility policy that is linked to profound changes in society. This responsibility involves the commitment of all the Group's employees who, driven by the search for excellence and ongoing innovation, support our clients in the post-digital transformation era to create positive solutions for society. This voluntary commitment, which demands that we change the way we look at the world in order to improve it, is based on shared values – Solidarity, Ambition, Excellence, Commitment, and Innovation. These are values that we share with all our stakeholders, teams, clients, partners and suppliers, and that guide us in building the foundations of a sustainable future.

Awards & Accreditations

Inetum certified Top Employer Europe 2023

The Top Employer Europe certification rewards the initiatives that Inetum has been deploying for several years to provide the best possible work environment for its 27,000 employees through our innovative HR practices in order to allow each individual to shape their career path within the Group by l... See more

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